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Thanks to everyone who visits my web page. 

Just added 33 miscellaneous inserts to my 1968-2021 Trade Page, and 11 serial numbered and autographed cards to my Misc. SR#, GU, Auto Trade Page.

Just finished adding over 200 SP's and inserts to my 2016 Topps Heritage Trade page.

I am not actively collecting at this time so all these cards are for sale or trade.  If I have something you want and you need to trade let me know what you have to trade and if it is of interest to me as trade bait maybe we can make a deal.  I use Beckett pricing as a basis for valuing cards in a trade or sale most of the time with all pricing negotiable. 
Now a little about me.  I collected baseball cards into my early teens and lost interest only when my parents threw my cards out.  I got back into Baseball cards in the early 80's because my son was involved.  It started with rides to the local card shop, then cards shows, then signings and the more he got involved the more my interest was rekindled.  I vividly remember my first visit inside a card shop with him.  I had waited in the parking lot for longer then I cared to so I went into the shop to fetch him.  He was in line at the register to pay for the cards he had selected so I killed some time by looking at the cards that were on display.  Imagine my shock to see some of the late 1950's and early 1960's baseball cards that I had had in my collection with some pretty hefty price tags attached.  From that day forward I prompted my son to take care of the cards in his collection and they might someday see some appreciation in value.  We attended local shows, as there were plenty in those days, and bought mail order as well but we did very little trading.  As a result we accumulated thousands of duplicates.   My son went off to college and priorities changed, but by then Dad was hooked and so I continued working on his want list and not one of my own.  Eventually I started putting together some sets that were of interest to me.  I started assembling the 1996 Leaf Signature Series set several years late.  In 2007 I went to a card show and got interested in some unopened 2006 Topps Heritage boxes a dealer had.  I busted both boxes and was hooked.  I have done only Heritage ever since.  Thanks for looking.  Bill




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